My Experience – NFL & Fantasy Football

My Experience – NFL & Fantasy Football

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You could already guess from my name that I am basically from INDIA, where CRICKET is everything and Indian Premiere League[IPL] has boomed the way world looks at Cricket and India. To prove my point how important Cricket is for India, the advertisement media rights for Indian Cricket was sold at record 386 Million dollars for 5 years I believe [not sure about the number of years, previously it was $80+M]. Each player who is auctioned in IPL worth more than an half a million dollar for 8 weeks [i.e.,14 games], before IPL, average player earning was not even 40,000$ for year [not for all players, some of the young guys, who now are auctioned at as high as 1.9M$ for 2 year (i.e..,16 weeks, 28 games in total)] .

Entire 1B people goes GAA GAA & wild when batting master Sachin Tendulkar comes on ground!, he is God for Indians. He has more centuries, runs in both Test & ODI than any other player in History of the sport!. It would take me almost 8-10 years to keep appreciating the game and players for their contribution, so let’s stop about Cricket and concentrate on my New Interest Football [American].

My anxiety in game made me to join 5 leagues in Yahoo fantasy leagues for 2010-2011 season & become champion in all!. This achievement and my love towards the game made me dig into record books and figure out and know more about Super Bowl’s and teams. I would like to share the same in this article and hope to keep updating the table of facts every year until I could. Before that, let me share my experience in watching games, playing fantasy football, this season of 45th Year of Super Bowl.

My Experience – Fantasy Football [2010-2011]

I would have never got into this Football game nor fantasy game, if not the project that I am working on. [Sh!!! can’t share the project name or anything as I am under NDA]. This project gave me opportunity to understand the rules of the game better & propelled me to see how the game goes & how interesting it would be.

Seeing my interest & excitement in the game, some of colleagues and friends invited me to Yahoo Fantasy football, with zero knowledge of teams, players, got onto fantasy football and went on winning the Championships!. Every week by week my interest towards games became so much that I started watching every game, if not game at-least live scores from Watched every Sunday & Monday night games.

I also went to “Qualcomm Stadium” to see Chargers vs Titans game. I also bought tickets for Chiefs vs Chargers, but due to fever couldn’t go!. 16 weeks long it was very very exciting & winning championships in fantasy was like miracle. Loads of Stat’s, lot of anxiety made it happen. More than all that the fun in the game!, players, on field challenges, off field verbal fight, on Field Fights [Pretty sad to see that], but was fun.  By the way you might be amazed to hear that I won all 4 out of 5 leagues with QB being Chief’s Matt Cassel, Cowboy’s QB John Kitna & Raider’s QB Jason Campbell!, no Tom Brady nor Micheal Vick nor Aaron Rodgers or any highly rated QB’s!. I spoke about QB’s rather than any other position is because through out season I had one good WR, one good RB, and solid Defense team except in one of the leagues, and rest everyone was average guys!. It was fun watching how highly ranked and scoring team loose against my team in few decimal points or point or two!, Yes there were games in which I scored very well and win on opposition convincingly too.

Amazing season of football! we saw lot of ups & downs. Unbelievable Favorites Patriots going down against Jets in playoff’s who won on them previously 45-3. Pittsburg Steelers who amazingly hold Jets offense to win Championship in the second half! and move to Super Bowl. We also saw Vick playing his best game ever [at-least I have seen ;)] and win against Giants in 4th quarter and we also saw same Vick being sacked after sack against Vikings and loosing to them. Eagles loosing to Packers, the saga goes on. It was much treat of games to watch.

Probably I can say it’s treat to watch as I am quiet new and I don’t have any favorites or teams which I cheer for. But for Eagles fan’s I know it would be tough for them to see their team loose. Chief’s ran on success of Cassel – Bowe pair, Jamel Charles success in running game and went onto become Division champs after so many years [I believe]. Entire kansas city was going gaa gaa saying Cassel – Bowe straight to super bowl and was shattered by Ravens who played so well on that day!. I know it’s hard on Kansas to loose the last two games at HOME in-front of HOME crowd, which season long before Raiders never lost in home, but that’s how the game goes on. Similarly Chargers loosing against Broncos I guess, made chargers hopes to playoff’s shatter. If I turn back and see the games which happened in this season everything was fun and very very entertaining. Amazing season. After seeing this amazing season of football and teams who fought so hard, curiosity made me to dig-in to find out more about Super Bowl’s for past 44 years!, and below is the Facts which I found out from, and many more resources I referred. Thanks to all of them. Hope this thirst of game continues for me for coming year & also hoping to see one more much entertaining game on Feb 6th, I sign-off with facts of superbowl’s & hope to keep it up to date every year.

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