NFL – Super Bowl’s [Updated till 50]

NFL – Super Bowl’s [Updated till 50]

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Superbowl Facts [Till Number 50]

Green Bay PackersI1967Chiefs35-10Los Angeles, CA
Green Bay PackersII1968Raiders33-14Miami, FL
New York JetsIII1969Colts16-7Miami, FL
Kansas City ChiefsIV1970Vikings23-7New Orleans, LA
Indianapolis ColtsV1971Cowboys16-13Miami, FLAt that time they were known as Baltimore Colts, relocated to Indianapolis in 1984
Dallas CowboysVI1972Dolphins24-3New Orleans, LA
Miami DolphinsVII1973Redskins14-7Los Angeles, CA
Miami DolphinsVIII1974Vikings24-7Houston, TX
Pittsburg SteelersIX1975Vikings16-6New Orleans, LA
Pittsburg SteelersX1976Cowboys21-17Miami, FL
Oakland RaidersXI1977Vikings32-14Pasadena, CA
Dallas CowboysXII1978Broncos27-10New Orleans, LA
Pittsburg SteelersXIII1979Cowboys35-31Miami, FL
Pittsburg SteelersXIV1980Rams31-19Pasadena, CA
Oakland RaidersXV1981Eagles27-10New Orleans, LA
San Francisco 49ersXVI1982Bengals26-21Pontiac, MI
Washington RedskinsXVII1983Dolphins27-17Pasadena, CA
Oakland RaidersXVIII1984Redskins38-9Tampa, FL1982 season raiders relocated to Los Angeles hence they were called LA Raiders & June 23, 1995 they moved back to Oakland.
San Francisco 49ersXIX1985Dolphins38-16Stanford, CA
Chicago BearsXX1986Patriots46-10New Orleans, LA
New York GiantsXXI1987Broncos39-20Pasadena, CA
Washington RedskinsXXII1988Broncos42-10San Diego, CA
San Francisco 49ersXXII1989Bengals20-16Miami, FL
San Francisco 49ersXXIV1990Broncos55-10New Orleans, LA
New York GiantsXXV1991Bills20-19Tampa, FL
Washington RedskinsXXVI1992Bills37-24Minneapolis, MN
Dallas CowboysXXVII1993Bills52-17Pasadena, CA
Dallas CowboysXXVIII1994Bills30-13Atlanta, GA
San Francisco 49ersXXIX1995Chargers49-26Miami, FL
Dallas CowboysXXX1996Steelers27-17Tempe, AZ
Green Bay PackersXXXI1997Patriots35-21New Orleans, LA
Denver BroncosXXXII1998Packers31-24San Diego, CA
Denver BroncosXXXIII1999Falcons34-19Miami, FL
St. Louis RamsXXXIV2000Titans23-16Atlanta, GA
Baltimore RavensXXXV2001Giants34-7Tampa, FL
New England PatriotsXXXVI2002Rams20-17New Orleans, LA
Tampa Bay BuccaneersXXVII2003Raiders48-21San Diego, CA
New England PatriotsXXXVIII2004Panthers32-29Houston, TX
New England PatriotsXXXIX2005Eagles24-21Jacksonville, FL
Pittsburg SteelersXL2006Seahawks21-10Detroit, MI
Indianapolis ColtsXLI2007Bears29-17Miami, FL
New York GiantsXLII2008Patriots17-14Glendale, AZ
Pittsburg SteelersXLIII2009Cardinals27-23Tampa, FL
New Orleans SaintsXLIV2010Colts31-17Miami, FL
Green Bay PackersXLV2011Steelers31-25Dallas, Tx
New York GiantsXLVI2012Patriots21-17Indianapolis, IN
Baltimore RavensXLVII201349ers34-31New Orleans, LA
Seattle SeahawksXLVIII2014Broncos43-8East Rutherford, NJ
New England PatriotsXLIX2015Seahawks28-24Glendale, AZ
Denver BroncosXL2016Panthers24-10Santa Clara, California

The below is the table of NFL Super Bowl Winners. Feel free to sort yourself to see the results in a specific order!! 😉

Some more facts about Super Bowl:

  • Teams that have never played in Super Bowl
    • Cleveland Browns
    • Houston Texans
    • Jacksonville Jaguars
    • Detriot Lions
  • Teams that have never won a Super Bowl [Apart from above 4]
    • Buffalo Bills
    • Cincinnati Bengals
    • Tennessee Titans
    • San Diego Chargers
    • Philadelphia Eagles
    • Minnesota Vikings
    • Atlanta Falcons
    • Carolina Panthers
    • Arizona Cardinals
  • Miami & New Orleans has hosted Super Bowl the most times [10 times each].
  • The longest winning streak has only been two in a row.
  • Broncos have lost the most Super Bowls [5 times] & Vikings, Bills have lost 4 times each. Bills lost 4 times in a row.
  • The longest run in Super Bowl was 100 yards after an interception by Pittsburgh Steeler James Harrison during Super Bowl XLII.
  • Mike Ditka, Tom Flores, and Tony Dungy have all won a Super Bowl both as a player and as a coach.
  • In 1981, Oakland Raiders linebacker Rod Martin set a record with three interceptions.
  • In 2000, St. Louis QB Kurt Warner set a record with 414 yards passing.
  • In 1989, San Francisco WR Jerry Rice gained 215 yards on 11 catches
  • Cowboys & Steelers have been to Super Bowl 8 times, whereas Patriots & Broncos have been 7 times each.
  • Most convincing victories were in Super Bowl XXVII, where Cowboys bt. Bills 52-17, 49ers bt. Broncos 55-10 in Super Bowl XXIV & Seahawks bt. Broncos 43-8 in Super Bowl XLVIII
  • In 2007 Season, Patriots had won their first 18 games and lost to Giants [Super Bowl XLII].
  • Under quarterback Tom Brady and head coach Bill Belichick, the Patriots have also compiled the longest winning streak consisting of the regular season and playoff games in NFL history, a 21-game streak from October 2003–October 2004.
  • Jacoby Jones of Baltimore became the first player to score receiving & return touchdown in a super bowl [Super Bowl XLVII]. Jones returned the opening kickoff of the second half for a 108-yard touchdown for the longest play in Super Bowl or postseason history
  • More Super bowl records can be found in Wikipedia.

With these notes, I will sign-off! and hope to keep it updating as and when I get something to share about more!.



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