Welcome to “Gnana Surabhi Granthalaya”

Welcome to “Gnana Surabhi Granthalaya”

Books have the power to transform, transport us to different worlds and times, and help us gaze through an era of history or people’s minds in those times. There is a powerful bond between a book and its reader. A book can transport its readers to a time and place where they become a part of history. A book can be a window to another world. A book can be a guide for life. A book can change your life. A book can change you. I always pondered How does a book get written? What is the process behind it? Why do people write books? Is there any difference between writing a novel and writing a nonfiction book? And how do you choose the right book for your life, business, and career? There began the thirst for knowledge that never stopped in me.

Over the years, I read many books & wrote 400+ technical/mythical/viewpoints/essays in the form of pages/posts, but a mishap dented that thirst. I lost all data and ended up saying goodbye to the hosting company. Moved whatever was left to the USA hosting company, but it was too late. The mishap had created a dent that was so powerful that it broke my mojo of reading, writing & documenting things. All this is going to change from now. I will be hitting the reset button to go back to my habits of reading, writing, & documenting things.

One of the key things of my habit before was BOOK! I had access to tons of books, whether in college libraries, books I borrowed from friends, books I xeroxed, or books I bought. Those were my source of knowledge and drove my enthusiasm to understand things & feed my thirst for knowledge. Over the years, I have lost a lot of books & have made way for new ones. A book is a great way to learn new things, get inspiration, or even relax. Reading books can be a lot of fun. You can also use books as a way to relax. You can read a book when you are bored or read a book at night. With the digital world growing so fast, the good thing is that you can read them anywhere, whether you are at home or out on the go. You don’t have to worry about connecting to the internet to read a book. All you need is a device with a screen that you can read the books on.

Call me old fashion; nothing beats the physical book! My dearest friend Kalidasa (name changed purposefully to hide the identity) once said, “You only remember and retain information when you physically hold a book and read it by turning the pages.” That is so true! Over many years, I have read both physical/e-Books, but the one that stayed in my memory for long is the one I held in my hand and smelled the fragrance of the paper as I read through them. Anyways, with those memories, I started collecting books. I always had a distinct love for my mother tongue Kannada & so had a passion for collecting, reading them equally to others. As of Rama Navami, I finished my dream collection of books (for now 😉). I am set for reading these books in the coming years. I believe in “Knowledge shared is always equal to Knowledge square,” so I welcome you all to “Gnana Surabhi Granthalaya” 🙏🏻.

Gnana Surabhi Granthalaya comprises over 900 Kannada (hardbound, paperback) books. It includes Mythological, Comedy, Romantic, Drama, and other genres of books. The collection includes Kuvempu (50+), Dr. Da Ra Bendre (50+), Dr. Vyasanakere Prabhanjanacharya (50+), Bannanje Govindharchaya (25+), Beechi (50), Dr. Yendamuri Veerendranath (translated by Vamshi, Sandur Venkatesh and others, 50), Saisuthe (40+), Dr. K Shivarama Karanth (40+), Ta Ra Su (40+), Masthi (40+), S L Byrappa (30+), Triveni (20+), Sudha Murthy (15+), Jayantha Kayakini (15+) and many other authors. Anytime you can come over, borrow books – contact me for details. I will be cataloging the collection here.

Conditions/Rules are simple:

  1. Return books on time with the same condition 😊
  2. I love to hear different perspectives of people on books. Hence, I would appreciate a write-up/audio/video of your thoughts on that book once the reading is done. 
  3. Damage to books means we lose the knowledge that books fill our lives. I request humbly to replace the damaged books at your cost 😊.
  4. Rental/Borrowing costs:
    1. 2$ per book for 15 days
    2. 4$ per book for 30 days. 
  5. The more enthusiast readers can sign-up for an annual subscription, which is 25$ for a year, with borrowing options:
    1. One book a month or 
    2. Two books a month
  6. Max two books per month – are to keep it real as we all have things to do.
  7. The cost 💲is to keep everyone accountable and responsible.

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